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Palety typu A1210

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Pallet 1000x1200 mm

Features and benefits:
-High quality packaging; production in FHG organisations
-Robust construction
-Consistent specification
-Pallets can easily be identified and sorted out

Description : Full-perimetric pallet
Dimensions : 1000 x 1200 mm
Materials : Wood; quality timber
Paint; water based
Marking : Color; Brown + logo: IPP LOGIPAL
Maximum uniform load : 1.250 kg
Maximum storage height : 4 pallets on a solid surface
Empty weight : Average 25 kg

Szczegóły oferty

  • Dodano: 2007-07-10
  • Stan: Nowy
  • Cena netto: nie podano

Liczba wyświetleń: 1892