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Hupharma Methenolone Enanthate Primobolan injectable steroids Powder

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Hupharma Methenolone Enanthate Primobolan injectable steroids Powder

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Product Name: Methenolone Enanthate
Synonym: Primobolan Dept , Primo Dept
Appearance: White or off-white crystalline powder
Purity: 99%
CAS: 303-42-4
Molecular Formula: C27h42o3
Molecular Weight: 414.62

Being the most anabolic and the least androgenic of all steroids. Because it's a pure muscle builder. It grows muscles the way they grow naturally, through increased nitrogen retention - just at an accelerated rate.

Effects of Primobolan Depot:
As a bulking steroid in an off-season plan, Primobolan Depot is generally not the best choice. The steroid simply isn’t well-suited for a significant promotion in lean tissue mass, Cause what you gain it will be 100% pure lean muscle mass, it simply may not be all that much.
As a bonus, due to the metabolic enhancement and fat burning properties of this steroid, you will be able to gain off-season muscle mass with less body fat accumulation that would otherwise occur.
From off-season bulking the next will be the cutting phase. This is a fantastic steroid for protecting hard earned muscle tissue while lose body fat and burn more calories.
Primobolan Depot can also be a good steroid for athletic enhancement. It has the ability to promote increases in strength and will have a positive affect on muscular endurance and recovery.

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  • Cena netto: 1 USD / kg

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